Be heard, understood, and valued.
Transform work to focus on the most important resource of all: your employees. Rather than relying on static engagement data collected months ago, know how your employees feel at any point in time and unlock their true potential.
Align expectations and build transparency
Imagine a platform that encourages an agile and continuous exchange of priorities, concerns, and accomplishments between your managers and employees through three weekly highlight questions. Plause’s platform not only gives greater awareness and transparency to how alignment and priorities are trending in a department or organization, but also uncovers inefficiencies and ineffectiveness across the company. Plause’s software solution makes this possible.
Every week employees respond privately to three intuitive highlight questions that define goals, encourage raising concerns, as well as highlight accomplishments. Managers can instantly react and provide feedback leading to a high level of transparency and a better manager-employee relationship.
Empower by recognizing individual capabilities
Evolving workforces show that crowd-sourced endorsements and engaging experiences make up today’s new employee mindset. Recognizing capabilities and achievements are crucial to keeping your employees engaged.
Plause’s recognition platform speaks to this new mindset and empowers employees by providing a public space for praise and individual recognition. Through public work stories employees can highlight specific abilities and achievements and encourage feedback through Likes, giving Plause or commenting on the stories.
Drive engagement through micro-conversation
66% of employees state that they are disengaged at work causing a decline in productivity. Work on a manager-employee level to measure engagement through micro-conversations including engagement drivers and weekly highlights. Capture your employees’ raw sentiments through simple and intuitive daily check-ups.
On a manager level, have your fingers at the pulse and establish a high performance culture by understanding your most valuable source - your people.