Meet Plause®
Plause is the new generation of workforce software that’s changing the way companies approach people operations.
Created by HR veteran José Cong, Plause crowdsources employee impact and sentiments to measure and drive alignment, capabilities and engagement at work. And it puts the focus on the most important relationship in the workplace, the one between managers and employees.
Powered by cutting-edge science
Plause collaborates with global leaders in organizational psychology to build a cutting-edge workforce software. We rely on contributions and research from Organizational Scientists to develop scientifically-based models for our features and high quality research questions that are free from biased language, accurate and reliable.
What does Engagement mean?
To us employee engagement means looking at the human side of work and empowering employees to have a voice and express their true feelings.
We measure engagement through regular CheckUps, by establishing a closed-loop medium for real time feedback, and sharing accomplishments openly to support team moral. All of these measures help identify potential risks as well as opportunities supporting a quick implementation of change early on.
Engaged employees are more productive and contribute heavily towards a thriving organization. It’s time for work to work better. Let us show you how Plause can help you!
About Plause
We no longer shop using a bulky mail catalogue, yet we continue to implement people management tools from the same era. It is time for work to work better, time to stop using hindsight reactive data.
Plause was created with an employee experience first approach to deliver a simple user experience that drives an ongoing engagement. Plause is a lightweight minimally interruptive engaging experience which crowd-sources moments of impact, and employee sentiment at work in order to help drive alignment, performance management and recognition across organizations.
We provide valuable insights for employees, managers, people operations, and leaders. It combines clarity and focus on action and decision making to drive alignment and performance while understanding employee engagement through measurements of mindsets, social patterns and fleeting moments or unspoken behaviors.
Our innovative approach drives value across all employees and empowers leadership with streaming data to make confident decisions about our most valuable resources, our people! Resources which we never own!